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Made by a teacher
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Welcome to your school's complete solution to KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4.


  • Reduce teacher workload by over 81%
  • All Deep Dive Documents
  • All tick as you teach lesson plans and resources created (over 850)
  • Automatic Tracking for every lesson, task, test and flashcard
  • RAG rating for each student
  • Peer and Self-Assessment with WWW and EBI
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What subjects are included?




Creative iMedia


Computer Science
In Production
Business Studies

Exam Boards covered*

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*OCR exam board fully covered, other exam boards partially covered

What features are there for students?

Interactive Courses

There are 5 KS1 units, 5 Key Stage 2 Units and 15 Key Stage 3 units.

Key Stage 4 consists of Computer Science, Creative I-media and IT currently covered along with the new 2022 Creative I-Media on the way.

The courses teach the student the topic over a number of lessons. They receive a performance grade for each lesson and collect rewards so the teacher can see how they are progressing. Once the skills are taught, they undertake a practical task followed by a theory test which are automatically marked with full feedback. Homework is also included along with an optional extension task for each unit.

Automatic Marking

Every unit marked automatically. Students receive a learning progress grade for every lesson so you can track their performance each time you see them.

After the learning, the site sets the students practical tasks to allow them to demonstrate their new skills, which are automatically marked.

All units end with an automatically marked theory test, and also come with automatically marked homework and an extension task.

Instant Feedback

Students' scores are displayed to them as soon as the lesson, task, homework, test or game is completed. They receive tokens for excellent work. Teachers also receive this and all graphs are also automatically produced for department meetings and discussions.

Teachers can also see the progress live and see answers to tests as they happen rather than having to wait until the test is over.

Personal Gradebook

The students have their own personal grade book which holds all their grades from each unit.

If needed a student or teacher can look at the grades, comments, peer and self-assessment from a piece of work submitted up to 5 years ago.

Study Aids

We have a large range of free software to download which covers each unit. We are also developing web-based software that will run on almost any platform.

The first of these is a note-taking word processing system. The second of these is our Web Buster Photo Graphics software which is included for all students. We also have animation software included and flashcards for every unit. More are currently under development, stay tuned!

What tools and resources are available for teachers?

Lesson Plans and SOW

A full scheme of work shows you when to teach each unit.

A complete mapping to the national curriculum shows you which unit covers which section.

Tick as you teach lessons plans, one for each class, complete with resources and answers. Just tick the lesson as you teach it so you always know where you are with each group.

Tracking and Grading

Every lesson the student receives a grade so you can see their progress every 60 minutes. Challenging practical tasks check they can apply the skills. End of unit theory tests check their understanding. Look at their work, monitor their progress live and read their notes.

Work Submissions

Students can submit coursework, DC360 set tasks, or teacher-created assignment online. Every piece of work can have a mark, RAG Rating, Teacher Comment, Self Assessment and Peer Assessment. The teacher can accept or ask for a re-submission. Work is kept for up to 5 years so the student and teacher can look back at comments, grades and work from the past.


Parents evening mode allows you to select those attending. All the targets, results, work, comments and notes are all on one screen.

Full branding to your school, making it part of your ethos.

20 Flash Cards for every single unit, which can be analysed by the teacher.

Instant Message to students.

Set students tasks on their unique task list.

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