Free KS4 Resources

Free KS4 Resources

DC360 algorithm presentation
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This file is a free resource provided by Deliver Computing 360. The document is an algorithm presentation.

Flowcharts and Algorithm Lesson
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This is a Flowcharts and Algorithm lesson covering IF statements, WHILE loops, FOR loops, and Flowcharting. It includes 5 programming tasks for students to try with sample answers provided.

RO93-Memory Jogger HOT!
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RO93 6-Page Memory Jogger - How to use.
Step 1
Read through each of the 6 pages. Look at the suggested answers: cover and recall. If the recall was successful, tick the box. If not revise and recall again.
Step 2
Could you go through the 6 pages again, at least 1 day later? Double-tick the boxes of those that were recalled correctly. Those that you did not recall, could you revisit and revise?
Step 3
Wait at least 1 more day and then go through the 6-pages 1 more time. Triple-tick the boxes of those that you recalled. Revise those you did not recall, there should be very few or none by now.

Business Worksheet Task 2 New!
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Please complete the document using full paragraphs, capital letters and full stops.