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Purpose of a Mood board
To give a feel or look for what is needed by being creative.
Use of Mood board
Project starting point, Collect materials, Remind of style.
What a mood board looks like
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Content of Mood Board
Image, Text, Materials (digital includes video, animation and sound).
Purpose of a Storyboard
Visual drawings of each scene of the project. What to film.
Uses of a Storyboard
Projects requiring movement eg animation, games, movies presentations.
Content of a Storyboard
Locations, scene numbers, time on each scene, camera angles, sound, images and lighting.
Purpose of Mind Maps
An outline of an idea, then create different thoughts of the task
Uses of a Mind Map
To see how your options can develop by showing connections called nodes and sub nodes.
Content of a Mind Map
Central Node with main topic, Sub nodes breaking the ideas into parts. Includes text in nodes, images, activities or requirements.
What a mind map looks like?
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Purpose of a Script
To give location, character names, scenes, who says what and direction to the actors and camera crew.
Uses of a Script
Movies, adverts, animation for a cartoon or computer game, intros for radio etc.
Content of a Script
Location (INT, EXT), Description of scene, camera shot and movement, dialogue, sound effects.
What does a script look like?
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Purpose of a Visualisation Diagram
To plan what a still image will look like when it's finished.
Uses of a Visualisation Diagram
To show those making it, what it will look like, great for Comic book, web pages, DVD cover, game scenes, magazine covers, posters etc.
Content of a Visualisation Diagram
Includes, images, colour, colour schemes, text, text sizes and text positions and annotations to explain the layout.
What does a visualisation diagram look like?
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Purpose of Work Plan
To make time scales for the whole project and for each individual task or job.
Uses of Work Plan
Every media product, eg animation, video, computer game, website, kiosk system, presentation, comic book, posters, DVD cover, in fact everything!
Content of Work Plan
Must contain Tasks, Activities, Deadlines, Milestones, Timescales, Duration and Contingencies.
What are contingencies in a Work Plan?
Time put aside or actions put in place in case things go wrong.
What does a Work Plan look like?
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What are the main Target Audiences?
Age, Gender, Location, Ethnicity and Income.
Describe the "AGE" Target Audience?
Age group you are trying to attract eg
15-25 or
30-45 or
Describe the "GENDER" Target Audience?
Is your product aimed at Male, Female or Both? If both, are there different versions for each gender? eg
Blue and Pink one..
Describe the "LOCATION" Target Audience?
Where are customers based? Local Area (your area eg Corner shop offer), National (the whole country eg The Show "Wicked" on tour) or International (The whole world eg Fanta).
Describe the "ETHNICITY" Target Audience?
In a multicultural world, you need to make products appeal to the groups they are intended for so as not to offend eg to sell a product in Spain, the label should be in Spanish.
Describe the "INCOME" Target Audience?
Consider the income of your target group. If the product is too expensive you won't sell it as your group can't afford it.
What are Primary Sources?
Primary is first hand, you have seen it eg.
Autobiography is written by you, about you,
You see a car crash so your info is primary.
What are Secondary Sources?
Secondary is second hand, you've been told about it, but NOT seen it, eg
Reading a newspaper,
Someone telling you about an accident,
A history book etc.
Legislation Consequences
FINE:- Court orders you to pay money.
SUED:- Customer takes you to court as they are unhappy.
PROSECUTED:- A court may impose a criminal record.
Legislation "Copyright"
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Cannot use unless you:-
1. Contact the person who made or owns the item.
2. Ask permission and gets it in writing.
3. Are prepared to pay to use it
Legislation "Intellectual Property"
Work you've done, ie a Presentation or an essay. An idea for an electrical gadget or to help people cross the road, even an invention or prototype.
Classification for Games:- PEGI
The PEGI gaming classifications are:-
  • 3 (all ages)
  • 7 (7 and older)
  • 12 (12 and older)
  • 16 (16 and older)
  • 18 (18 and older)
Classsificaiton for UK Movies
UK Movies classifications:-
  • U (Suitable for all)
    PG(Parental Guidance)
    12 (Over 12)
    12A(Under 12 with Adult)
    15 (Over 15)
    18 (Over 18)
Health and Safety Precautions
  • Safe for disabled
  • Safe for Vehicles
  • No Tripping cables
  • No Unstable Ground
  • Appropriate Lighting
Health and Safety Film with Sound
Too much noise prevents filming issues
  • On Aircraft Flight Path
  • Machinery on building site
  • Generator for Electric
Health and Safety:- Working from a Heights
  • Danger of falling
  • Distracting People below
  • Falling onto someone
  • Dropping objects onto someone
Health and Safety:- Working with Electricity
The weather is dangerous:-
  • Water and electric don't mix.
  • Tripping hazards ie cables.
  • People can be hurt by damaged equipment
Health and Safety:- Working with Heavy Equipment
Some items require more than 1 person to lift them.
Staff do lifting and handling course.
Correct lifting technique to avoid back problems.
Health and Safety:- Working with Computers
RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury (repeating same movements)
Seating Position and height
Keyboard Ergonomic design
Mouse ergonomic design
Wrist rest
Distance from screen
What is computer hardware?
Hardware are items you can touch for example, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Printer, Scanner, Camera etc
What is a peripheral device?
An item of hardware connected to a computer and under its control. Items include, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Printer, Scanner etc
What is Non-computer hardware?
Hardware that is not electronic for example:- Pen, Paper, Pencil, Rubber, Ruler, Pencil Sharpener (not electronic) etc
What are file extensions?
3 or 4 characters after the filename to tell you the type of file it is, for example:-
.png is an image file,
.docx is a Ms Word file,
.mp3 is a sound file,
.mp4 is a video file, etc
What are Image formats?
.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, tiff are all image formats.
Lossless:- .gif, .tiff, .png, .bmp
Lossy:- .jpg, .png
Transparent:- .png, .gif
What is lossless file type?
Larger files, all the data is kept after compression:-
.gif, .tiff and .bmp.
.png can be saved as lossless for use on the web.
What is lossy file type?
Lossy files have data missing when they are compressed to makes the files smaller for the web but the quality is not as good:-
.jpg, .png (lossy or lossless)
What is transparency?
Where the background of the image can be removed so you can see behind the image (eg a website's background).

Transparent formats are .gif or .png
Name some sound file extensions?
Sound or Audio file extensions are .mp3 or .wav
Name some video file extensions?
Video files extensions include:- .mp4 and .mov
Name some animation file extensions?
Animation file extensions include:- .gif and .swf
What is the difference between .mp3 and .mp4?
.mp3 is Audio ie sound
.mp4 is video with sound
What is the difference between Slander and Libel?
Slander is where you say something nasty
Libel is where you put it in writing
What is defamation of character?
This is linked to Slander and Libel, where you say something nasty or untrue about someone else.
What is a risk assessment?
A document produced before any media project is started to minimise hazards and risks to people.
What is included in a risk Assessment?
Identify hazards and dangers, decide who might be harmed and how to evaluate risks.

Take precautions, record findings, review and update
What is a Recce?
It's where you visit a location to check it and make sure it's what you want and is safe to use.
What is an asset table?
A place to record all the assets ie images, videos, animations logos etc that you used in your project.
What is testing?
Testing is where you test your product to make sure that it works and meet the client requirements.
What is the difference between a test plan and testing?
A test plan is the list of tests you are going to do when you have finished. The testing is when you then do these test to make sure it works for the customer.
What does and asset table look like?
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