Deliver Computing 360

Deliver Computing 360 is made by Teachers, tested by schools for Teacher, Students and Schools.  When a school needs a feature, we work to make it happen.  It is a bespoke system at an off the shelf price.  It is tested in schools as we work continually with beta testing schools to make it what is needed in the classroom.  Some of our developers teach suing it, that is why it works so well.

We also run an educational website that teaches ICT, Computer Science and Creative I-media, which schools can sign up for on a yearly basis.  It covers KS3 and KS4 and is fully mapped to the National Curriculum.  Schools sign up and students accounts are created and locked.   This is a secure learning environment fully branded to the schools and customised to fit the school ethos.

To view this site, go to:- 

This site is an education and learning site.  The site asks the learner to log in,


Easy to use Dashboard

The web buster education dashboard is professional and easy to use.


What you get




The school has an account and the student profiles are created.  This is a locked secure system, students cannot sign up.  The school admin can create additional profiles for new students. When a teacher logs in they see their group and marks from each unit.  They can then delve down to the see answers given and the marks per task and finally delve even further to see the marks per individual question or activity and compare them with other students in their school who did the same test.   A national average graph to compare your students with a combined total of every school using the system allows you to see how your students are performing nationally.


They even have free cloud storage to take work home, do at home and bring it back.

Home Learning

Safe Guards

Deliver Computing 360 is built to teach students how an online network works, but with key safeguards, making it an ultra-safe environment.  For example, profiles can be set up by students so they can learn the importance of profiles, but they can only select from a choice of predefined avatars and backgrounds.  This prevents harmful content but allows them to learn how to set up profiles correctly.  Our friend's system is called "Study Buddy" and allows students to learn how to set up friendships in a very safe and secure way.  The Deliver Computing 360 system is monitored by you and each individual can be blocked for misuse.  The system has a number of words and phrases which are automatically blocked for safeguarding.  You can expand this list.


Our internal secure email system even teaches students about email passwords, security codes, copy and BCC.




Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans


There are over 400 "Tick as you teach" lesson plans complete with the answer for every part and a starter for each lesson.  All make in line with Ofsted requirements.




Most of the work is marked by our system.  Our system even marks essay questions.  You can override any marks if you wish.  In line with Ofsted, our site also marks the students on their learning ability.  Almost every question gives feedback and then additional feedback is given for the overall grade, this is done automatically.

When students submit coursework or if the teacher sets a piece of work, this is marked online by the teacher using our fantastic marking system that allows you to:-


The student is then informed of the status so they don't need to keep asking the teacher if it's been marked yet.  They are also informed when it has been marked along with the feedback, rag rating and grade given.


They can then self assess and peer assessment can also be gained.



Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Deliver Computing 360 works on Mobiles, Tablets, Games Console Browsers and Selected Smart TV Browsers.





This is a great way of bringing a group of students together, allow them to support each other and for them to get instant feedback.  It can also be used by any educational or testing company, for example, health and safety, online exams for university, college, exam board or government.  The list just goes on.  Anyone offering a certificated course.


See our site:- Deliver Computer 360 
Covering Computer Science, ICT and Media with Business Studies on the way.