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Subscription Plans

Welcome to the Deliver Computing 360 Subscription Plans.
All plans offer a 30-day money back guarantee. For a limited time, we are offering a FREE graphics tablet to each new school following the 30-day qualifying period.

Plan Comparison

Plans (base price excluding extras) Tier 1 Plan
Tier 2 Plan
Tier 3 plan
15 Key Stage 3 Units
In-class Support
Auto Marking
Built-in Graphics Editing Software
Built-in Animation Creation Software
Full Tracking of all students
Notes System
Notes Plus Organiser and advanced editor
Homework tasks for each unit auto marked, tracked and notified if not done
To-do list, set deadlines for coursework, tasks etc.
Rag rating for all classes and all students
Parents evening mode
Progress tracker
Adaptive learning with 3 pathways for each unit
Accessibility options for all students
Lesson plans for all KS3 Editable Editable
Assessment tests for each unit with auto marking
Automatically marked essay questions
Baseline tests
Reward system: Tokens, scores and certificates
Additional KS3 optional units. ie Games Making +£49
Safety and Security Plus for years 8,9,10 & 11 +£199
Online marking pro for iMedia and business +£199
Live monitoring -
Interactive glossary -
Deep dive documents -
Flashcards for all units -
Flashcard analysis for all units -
Sharing of files - -
Sharing of resources between schools - -
Library of reading content - -
Cloud storage for students and staff - -
Groups, trips and clubs system - +£249
MIS sync +£199 +£148
KS4 Units (iMedia, Computer Science & ICT) +£99 1 free then +£49
Ability to purchase extra cloud storage - - Call us for quote